Daily life

We slept three to a bed… We would push each other, argue, group together by nationality. We would through out any intruders who wanted to use you as a mattress while you yourself   had found a comfortable spot on the back of a kind friend. Sleeping three to a bed is possible. Sometimes we even slept well. Let’s say it’s 9:30pm. Everybody is crammed in together. The air on the top bunk is unbreathable; on the bottom bunk you’dying of cold…

Loud, obnoxious snoring starts  and so does the fight. The fight against the big fat bug… No matter how hard you scratch you can’t get rid of the lice and bedbugs, those lovely little creatures that we carried by the hundreds."
Jacques SONGY

“I learned how to stand pain that would have been unbearable for a human being in normal circumstances, but I also learned how to savour tiny pleasures: a ray of sunshine, light playing on the mountain, a few instants of peaceful sleep, a hint of bad meat at the bottom of my bowl, a civilised conversation with an old comrade...”

Petite chronique de l’horreur ordinaire, ANACR Yonne

Your hands will bleed,
Your feet will bleed
You suffer, the mountain hits you
On your tired back, your bruised arms
On your gasping chest
On your clear head.
You will fall! But energy, the will to live
For a child, for a mother,
For a woman oryou’re your God
You will stand back up, grit your teeth,
You will start walking again.
Le Gourou, témoignage de déportation au KL-Natzweiler