”My dear parents, dear friends,

This is the end… They’re coming to get us for the firing squad. Too bad… Dying just when victory is right around the corner is a little annoying, but it doesn’t matter!… The dreams of men are more important.
Nano, remember your brother. He was brave and did the right thing all the way up to the end, and I am not even trembling before death.
Adieu, my old papa. Thank you for being so good to me. Keep good memories of your son.
Tototte, Toto, farewell, I loved you as much as I did my own parents.
Nano, be a good son. You are the only son they have left, do not do anything careless.
Adieu, everybody I loved, everybody who loved me, those from Nantua and all the rest.
Life will be wonderful. We are leaving with songs on our lips. Be brave. It’s not so bad after six months in prison.
My love to all of you.”