«Passant, te souviens-tu de nous ?» Deuil et mémoire de la déportation

EXHIBITION : «Passer-by, do you remember us?» Mourning and remembering the deportation

In the early 1950s, there emerged a growing sense that deported members of the Resistance should
also be included in the national landscape of remembrance. A large number of steles and plaques honouring specific people or events were erected across France. Opened 60 years ago by General de Gaulle, the Deportation Memorial and the national necropolis at Struthof reflected this policy. For the last two years, the memorial and the necropolis have been undergoing major restoration work. This exhibition explains the origins of the project and displays the plans for the completed memorial. A series of life stories pay tribute to the men and women buried in the necropolis.

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