The Nazi concentration camp system

The camps

In the huge lobby, visitors discover the unbearable reality of the Nazi concentration camp system. The interactive terminals At the same time, two rows of large photographs of the 14 main camps immerse them into the depths of human tragedy. An information tablet with an interactive screen is located beneath the picture of each camp*. Each terminal, which are accessible in three languages, presents approximately 100 documents classified by theme, including the camp’s origin, arrival, the deportees’ work day, death, figures, the trials, memory.

* Except Natzweiler, because the museum is located there

Objects bearing witness

Items from the main concentration and extermination camps are on display in the lobby. They were donated by camp memorials, the Holocaust Memorial in Washington and the national organisation of deportees and families of deportees killed at Mauthausen and its kommandos. A broken monocle, piece of a comb, little rag doll and chemistry book bear witness to life in the camps and life “ before ”. A zyklon B canister, barracks sign and part of a disinfection vat evoke horror and death.