Teaching kit

Accompany the visit of your class:

The visit to the European Centre and historic site is conducted with accompanying teachers.

You can also download the brochure for free from the Memento guide.

Prepare your visit:

Two themes help students understand the spaces of the Centre and camp:

  • the history of the Nazi concentration camp system (questions in blue)
  • Kl-Natzweiler’s particular place in the system

A quotation calling for vigilance, resistance and commitment illustrates each page so that students keep thinking about those issues after the visit is over.

The pack can be used before, during or after the visit as well as in the classroom. Its content can be spread out between several sub-groups so that each one deals with a particular aspect in greater depth.

Download the PDF pack What is a concentration camp? The example of KL-Natzweiler.

Download the PDF pack History and vigilance, visit the European Centre on Resistance and Deportation.