The gas chamber

At KL-Natzweiler, the deportees were not gassed systematically, nor after mass selections.

The gas chamber was designed in 1943 by the camp commandant, Josef Kramer, at the request of Nazi professors of medicine from the Reich University of Strasbourg to carry out medical experiments. The gas chamber was set up in a small room of 9 sq m in the dance hall of the Struthof inn, already requisitioned for the SS troops.

From 14 to 21 August 1943, 86 Jewish deportees from the Auschwitz camp were gassed here; their bodies were supposed to provide a collection of skeletons for professor August Hirt, director of the Anatomy Institute of the Reich University of Strasbourg.

The gas chamber was also used to study new gases. Deportees, mostly Gypsies, served as guinea-pigs