Wall of Remembrance

Plaques on the Wall of Remembrance



Plaques inaugurated on 22 July during the vigil at the Deportation Memorial’s official inauguration ceremony

Here lie the ashes of unknown martyrs, victims of the Nazis –1944 –

The plaque repeats the inscription on the temporary marker that was placed beneath a wooden cross shortly after the camp’s evacuation.

The networks of fighting France. Their sacrifice restored our honour.

Ter nagedachtenis aan de in dit kamp gewallen nederlands e verszetsstrijders 1942-1944
(To the memory of our Dutch resistance comrades who died on French soil in this camp)

In memory of the deportees from the Schirmeck-Labroque camp


On 12 May Rev. Conrad Vogt-Svendsen, the seamen’s pastor in Hamburg during the 1940-1945 period, solemnly consecrated the common grave containing ashes and the Wall of Remembrance as a Norwegian cemetery

From 15 June 1943 to 2 September 1944, 504 Norwegian patriots were interned in Natzweiler concentration camp. Only 263 returned to Norway and 153 died at Natzweiler itself during forced labour outside the camp. They had no grave. Their ashes were scattered, but not one of them has been forgotten.


Plaque inaugurated by veterans’ affairs minister Jean Sainteny during the official ceremony on 27 June
To the glory of the 108 agents from the Alliance network who were savagely murdered by Nazi executioners at Struthof on the eve of the camp’s liberation during the night of 1 to 2 December 1944


Plaques inaugurated by veterans’ affairs minister André Bord

To the memory of the Francs-Tireurs and partisans who died for France in deportation

To the memory of the members of the army resistance organisation who died for France in deportation

To the memory of the Free French Forces members who died for France in deportation


From the former prisoners and political deportees of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to their comrades who died for freedom



Plaque inaugurated during the official ceremony on 29 June with Belgium’s health minister M. Nameche in attendance.

Homage to the Belgians
Hulde aan de Belgen

1973 :

To the memory of the members of the Alsace-Vosges mobile group exterminated in this camp

To the memory of our gypsy comrades exterminated in this camp

1975 :

Plaques inaugurated during the official ceremony by Prime Minister Chirac

To the memory of Commonwealth citizens who died in Nazi concentration camps

To the memory of Spanish republicans who died in Nazi concentration camps.

1976 :

Plaque inaugurated with the Consul General of Poland in attendance.

To the memory of our comrades from the army and Polish resistance exterminated in this camp.

1977 :

To French resistance fighters who died during the Japanese occupation of Indochina, 1940-1945

1985 :

Plaque inaugurated par le secrétaire d'Etat Jean Laurain lors de la cérémonie du 23 juin, en présence de l’Ambassade Soviétique en France, Youli Vorotsov.

À la mémoire des citoyens soviétiques morts ou exécutés ici, 1941-1944

1989 :

Plaque inaugurated with M. Polinowski in attendance representing Serge Klarsfeld in the name of the organisations of the sons and daughters of the Jews deported from France.

In August 1943, 87 Jewish deportees from Auschwitz, including 30 women, were exterminated in the Struthof gas chamber for the sole purpose of compiling an anatomical collection at the request of a medical school professor.
This crime against humanity recalls and prolongs the tragic fate of millions of Jews who died in the other concentration camps.

1995 :

In memory of Slovenian deportees who suffered and died here.
1995. The Republic of Slovenia.