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The names terminal


« We were 52.000 »

The CERD has made the former camp’s deportee records available to the public. They can be consulted from an interactive terminal, the first of its kind in a concentration camp memorial in Europe.

It contains all the information compiled on the camp’s 52,000 or so deportees (last name, first name, serial number, category, nationality, arrival date, origin, etc.). The terminal is located in the hall of the CERD.

The Defence Ministry’s Department of Memory, Heritage and Archives created the interactive terminal, which is based on historian Robert Steegmann’s work for his thesis about Struthof, which he defended at Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg on 13 December 2003. He based his research on many sources, including the camp archives, those of other camps, and testimonials.

This database is a working document. The information recorded was gathered from 1993 onward and does not claim to be exhaustive. Additional information that visitors might provide may be included in the database after verification.

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