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The ravine of death


STRUTHOF,KL-NATZWEILER,MIRADOR,Enceinte barbelée,Ravin de la mort"I worked in the death ravine run by the brutal and murderous Fuchs. We had to dig out a platform on the mountain to build a road overlooking the camp. We had to bring wheelbarrows of rocks and earth from the hill to be flattened over to the ravine for dumping. Fuchs and the common-law Kapos who wore a green triangle liked using shovel and pickaxe handles. They really enjoyed this and hit prisoners until they passed out. Some detainees were kicked down into the ravine, and the sentinel down below would shoot them: then they were reported as trying to escape."

Max NEVERS, a French deportee who fought with the Francs-Tireurs-Partisans in Yonne and then in Côte-d'Or, was arrested when carrying out a sabotage operation on a bridge. Imprisoned in Dijon and then the Romainville camp, he was deported with the NN status to the Natzweiler-Struthof camp in July 1943.

STRUTHOF,Dessins déporté,GAYOT

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