The kitchen block

"No sign could ever put across the state of mind of an individual who thinks his neighbour got a drop more of yellow liquid in his tin bowl. Sure, you can show his eyes and that special stare caused by hunger. But you can never recreate the mouth’s alarm or the esophagus’s stubborn avidity.”

Boris PAHOR, Slovenian deportee, joined the Slovenian resistance in late 1943, reported to the Gestapo by Slovenians collaborating with the Nazis, imprisoned in Trieste and deported to Dachau in February 1944. Later transferred to Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, a Natzweiler annex camp, where he became ill. Brought to Natzweiler. During the camp’s evacuation in September 1944 he was transferred to Dachau and later Dora and Harzungen.