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What is an annex camp?


Annex camp or Kommando, Aussenkommandos, Nebenlager

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Annex camps were branches of a main camp. From an administrative viewpoint, the annex camps’ guards, deportees and administration were attached to the main camp. Most were set up in pre-existing buildings such as factories, hangars and even schools. Few looked like a main camp with barracks, watchtowers and barbed wire. The annex camp was not necessarily a small camp. It simply depended on the main camp, where registration and death records were kept. Some deportees never even passed through the main camp. The annex camps’ deportees stayed there for months or years. That’s where they were locked up, had their dormitories and received their food rations. The annex camps’ organisation was based on that of the main camp, with an SS hierarchy and work kommandos.

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