The administration of the camp

Franz Hoessler, on a temporary assignment from Auschwitz, ran the Neckarelz annex camp from 15 March to 15 May 1944 and Franz Hofmann, who also came from Auschwitz, until 15 October 1944. Luftwaffenhauptmann (air force captain) Wilhelm Streit, who had joined the SS in September, directed the camp from October 1944 to March 1945. He ran the Neckar camps under the control of the Kommandantur of the main Natzweiller camp, which in September 1944 moved to a place near Neckar. Most of the guards were in the Luftwaffe and transferred to the SS in September 1944. The Kommandantur on assignment from the main Natzweiller camp was spread out among several villages. The general staff was in Guttenbach, the administration and clothing warehouse were at Binau castle and the SS vehicles’ maintenance team was in Neunkirchen.