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Greetings Dear Brother


Then visitors head to an intimate place whose only light source is the glimmer emanating from the cellar. There, the faces, hands and eyes of deported men, women and children appear on the walls while rising voices recite Greetings My Brother, a poem by Natzweiler deportee Eugène Marlot.

Greetings My Brother…
Cruelty, barbarism, sadism,
call it whatever you like
It is really hard to believe,
and yet that is how it is.
You still do not believe me,
but look,
regarde autour de toi
Look at them all>
the friends copains,
and then look at me,
Who am I?
A bag of bones,
a human wreck,
a mere number
Or all that at the same time,
in other words
zero, plus zero, equals zero”

The film is based on archival footage, most of which was shot when the concentration camps were liberated, and on images filmed by the SS themselves (medical experiments at KZ-Dachau, for example). It is approximately two minutes long and shown continuously in French, English and German. It was made by Jacques Robert of the Ministry of Defence.

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