Text of the 1954 law

Law no. 54-415 of 14 April 1954 consecrating the last Sunday in April to the memory of the victims of deportation and those who died in the Third Reich’s concentration during the Second World War.

“The National Assembly and the Council of the Republic have deliberated,
The National Assembly has adopted,
The president of the Républic has enacted the law whose content is as follows:

  • Article 1 – The French Republic annually celebrates on the last Sunday in April the commemoration of the heroes, victims of the deportation to concentration camps during the Second World War.
  • Article 2 – The last Sunday in April becomes ‘National Day of Remembrance of the Victims and Heroes of the Deportation’. Official ceremonies will evoke the memory of the suffering and tortures the deportees endured in the concentration camps and will pay tribute to the courage and heroism of the men and women who were victims.

The present law will be executed as the law of the State.
Done in Paris, 14 April 1954.

by the President of the Republic, René Coty
The President of the Council of Ministers, Joseph Laniel
The Minister of Finances and Economic Affairs, Edgar Faure
The Minister of Veterans’ Affairs and War Victims, André Mutter.”</span