Frequently asked questions

Do you have to pay to visit the camp?

The visit of the historic site (the camp, gas chamber and cemetery) is free. Just go to the European Centre to pick up an admission ticket beforehand. Tickets are required even for the free parts of the site because they allow us to keep track of how many people are at the same time , which is necessary for visitor safety. Admission is charged for access to exhibitions in addition to the site.

Is it advisable for children to visit Struthof?

The management discourages visits for children under 10. If they do come, they must be placed under the responsibility of an adult. All children and teenagers must be prepared for the visit. Some films or documents on display in the area devoted to the Nazis’ pseudo-medical experiments in the KL-Natzweiler museum may upset members of the public, especially children. The educational team is on hand to answer all your questions and advise you if you are accompanying children.

Why is the site closed in January and February?

The site and the European Centre of Deported Resistance Members are closed in January and February due to poor weather conditions that are usual during that period. The site is in the Vosges Mountains 800 meters above sea level and often snowbound. Please see the occasional announcements on the site’s home page in the event of exceptional snowfall or difficult access conditions. Access to some parts of the historic site may be closed in winter.

Is the site accessible to disabled people?

Partial accessibility for persons with reduced mobility : the entire European Centre of Deported Resistance Members is accessible. Parts of the camp may be hard to reach due to geographical location. Please see the European Centre reception desk if you have special needs.

Can you film or take pictures of the site?

Private individuals: no permission is necessary to take photographs or film for private use inside the camp, museum or CERD. However, we kindly ask you not to disturb the other visitors. Teachers, teaching teams, professional photographers and camera operators and journalists : some legal rules are in force. Please see the section on requests for permission to film and take photographs > photo request

Are meals available nearby?

There is a small cafeteria on the first floor of the European Centre of Deported Resistance Members with snack and hot beverage machines but not meals. Various meal options are available in Natzwiller (1.5 km) ; Rothau (8 km) and Schirmeck (12 km).