European Heritage Label: the Natzweiler concentration camp and his annex camps awarded

The former concentration camp of Natzweiler and his annex camps on both banks of the Rhine are the fourth French site and the first transnational site to obtain the European Heritage Label.

The European Heritage Label aim is to emphase the European dimension of cultural property, monuments, natural or urban sites and commemorative sites, witnesses of the history and the European inheritance. His ambition is to strengthen the feeling of membership of the citizens of Europe in a common European identity and to favor their feeling of membership in a common cultural area. He is awarded every two years to the term of a procedure of selection taking into account in particular the commitments of the candidate sites to lead actions to stimulate the reflection of the visitors on the importance of Europe of peace and democracy.

Partnership: Verbund der Gedenkstätten im ehemaligen KZ-Komplex Natzweiler


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