International memory institutions

International organizations

International Research Service (Arolsen) The International Research Service of Arolsen (I.R.S.) responds to requests for information about civilians who were displaced during the Second World War. German, English, French
Les chemins de la mémoire International site listing all the places of remembrance in Europe involving the First and Second World Wars and the Spanish Civil War. German, English, Spanish, Flemish, French, Italian
Europe of Remembrance The purpose of this organisation is to perpetuate the memory of the conflicts, deportations, genocides, persecutions and tragedies that marked European between 1915 and 1945. French
Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Online Learning Center The Museum of Tolerance and Online Learning Center are part of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Includes many resources on the Holocaust and its historical context. English
The Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research International organisation for education, research and remembrance of the Holocaust grouping together representatives of governments and NGOs. English.
International Committee on the History of the Second World War (CIH2GM) The CIH2GM, a body affiliated with the International Committee of Historical Sciences created in the 1960s, promotes historical research on every aspect of the Second World War period. French, English
"Occupation in Europe: the Impact of National Socialist and Fascist Rule", Research programme of the European Science Foundation, comparative study of the Nazi Occupation’s consequences on populations. English, some information in French.
Mémoire et Espoirs de la Résistance Site of an association founded in 1994 on the initiative of the Fondation de la Résistance whose goal is to perpetuate the humanist legacy of the French Resistance nationwide. French
Mémoire de la déportation et de la résistance Directory of sites devoted to the memory of Deportation and Resistance. French
Nizkor Project Collection of online resources about the Holocauste and negationism. English
The Forgotten Camps Personal site with many online resources about Nazi concentration, extermination and annex camps. Includes a glossary. English, French
Remembering Catastrophe: The Nazi Camps Today Exhibition of online photographs of Nazi camps in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland. Contains photographs of memorials and descriptions of the camps. English


Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes (DÖW) Austrian Resistance Documentation Centre. Permanent exhibition and online database about the Nazis’ Austrian victims. German, English
Der Österreichische Gedenkdienst Site of the Austrian service for the memory of the Holocaust, based on the same principl as the German ASF. As an alternative to compulsory military service in Austria, its members work in institutions devoted to the memory of the Holocaust worldwide. German, translated into 14 languages.
Gusen Austrian Interior Ministry site on the memorial of Gusen, a Mauthausen subcamp. German, English
Gusen Official site of the Gusen subcamp memorial. History of the camp and information on commemorative ceremonies. English


Joods Museum van Deportatie en Verzet Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance. Flemish, English, French
Royal Army Museum, Brussels Two rooms on occupied Belgium and the European Forum of Contemporary Conflicts. Dutch, English, French.
Breendonk Fort Museum Detailed site about visiting the fort, the memorial’s activities. Online booking form. Dutch, German, English, French.
Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society (CEGES) Site of the body in charge of collecting, preserving and using archives and original documents having to do with the Second World War in Belgium. Online archives search engine. Dutch, English, French.


Spomen područje Jasenovac Site of the Jasenovac memorial. Information on the camp’s history and the research centre. Croat, Anglais.

Czech republic

Institut Terezínské iniciativy Educational site of the Terezin Initiative Institute founded by survivors of the Theresienstadt camp, on the camp’s history, Czech Jews and the creation of a database of all the Terezin deportees. Czech, German, English
Památník Terezín Site of the Terezin Memorial opened in 1947. Historical and useful information. Czech, German, English
Židovské muzeum v Praze Site of the Prague Jewish Museum, including the Pinkas Synagogue, the Memorial to the 80,000 Jewish Holocaust victims of Bohemia and Moravia. Czech, English
Památník Lidice Site of the Lidice Museum-Memorial. Czech, German, English


Dansk Center for Holocaust Studies - og Folkedrabsstudiers Site of the Danish Holocaust and Genocide Research Centre, sponsored by Denmark’s foreign affairs ministry. Examines the Danish response to the Holocaust. Danish, English
Frihedsmuseet Site of the Museum of the Danish Résistance from 1940 to 1945. Danish, German, English
Frøslevlejrens Museum Site of the Frøslev internment camp museum. Danish
Museumcenter Hanstholm Site of the Hanstholm Museum, inaugurated in 2002, devoted to the Nazis’ Atlantic Wall" fortifications", part of which were built on Demark’s Jutland coast. Danish, German, English
Historisk Samling fra Besættelsestiden 1940-1945 (HSB) Site of the Archives of the History of the Danish Occupation, located on the Esbjerg University campus. Danish, German, English


Okupatsioonide muuseum Occupation Museum. Estonian, English, Russian


Δημοτικό Μουσείο της Μάχης της Κρήτης και της Εθνικής Αντίστασης
Information page on the Municipal Museum of the Battle of Crete and the National Resistance on the Ministry of Culture’s site. Greek. English
Εβραϊκού Μουσείου Ελλάδος. Site of the Jewish Museum of Greece, Athens, including a section on the Greek Jewish community during the Second World War. Greek, English


Holokauszt Emlékközpont Site of the Budapest Holocaust Memorial, first governmental organisation on the remembrance of the Holocaust in Hungary and information on the construction of the new museum. Hungarian, English
Magyar Ellenállók és Antifasiszták Szövetsége (MEASZ) Site of the Hungarian Resistance and Anti-Fascist Federation. Hungarian.


Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand Memorial of the German resistance. German, English
Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin Site of the Museum of German History. Two rooms focus on the on the 1933-1945 period. German, English
Topographie des Terrors Site of the Topography of Terror Foundation, which provides historical information on National Socialism and its crimes. German, English
Gedenkstätten für NS-Opfer Online directory of places of remembrance, monuments, museums and research centres focusing on research and memory of the Holocaust. Guide of the various sites in Europe and the world. German, English
Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas Memorial for Murdered European Jews and Information Centre inaugurated in Berlin in 2005, devoted to the memory of Europe’s Jews. German, English
Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste (ASF) Site of the German organisation Action Reconciliation Service for Peace, which organises dialogue between generations by setting up volunteer programmes in various places of remembrance. German, English, French
Deutschland – ein Denkmal – ein Forschungsauftrag Archives project involving the Nazis’ internment, labour, concentration and extermination camps. German, English
Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz
Gedenk- und Bildungsstätte
Documented site of the Wannsee Conference house, inaugurated in 1992, focusing on the history of the adoption of the"Final Solution", the technical implementation of the deportation and extermination of Europe’s Jews. Useful information. German, English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish
Documentation of Obersalzberg-Berchtesgaden Site of the Obersalzberg Documentation Centre, second headquarters of the Nazi government in Germany, with Berlin. The site has information on the permanent exhibition of the Contemporary History Institute in Munich about National Socialism as well as online resources concerning the Berghof’s history. German, English
Dokumentations- und Kulturzentrum
Deutscher Sinti und Roma
Site of the Sinti Roma in Germany Cultural and Documentation Centre. Describes the centre’s exhibitions, conferences, publications and seminars. German, English
Gedenkstätte ehemaliges SS-Sonderlager / KZ Hinzert Site of the association for the promotion of research on the former concentration camp "KZ Hinzert e.V". German
KZ-Gedenkstätte Neckarelz Site of the Natzweiler-Struthof subcamp memorial. German


Yad Vashem The site of the memorial of the victims of the Shoah (Israel). Features a database of vicitims of the Shoah and offers online educational tools. Hebrew, English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian


Museo della deportazione e Centro di Documentazione della Deportazione e Resistenza Site of the deportation museum and Resistance and Deportation documentation centre. Italian
Museo Diffuso della Resistenza, Deportazione, Guerra, Diritti e della Libertà Museum of Resistance, Deportation, War, Human Rights and Freedom, Turin. Italian
Istituto Nazionale per la Storia del Movimento di Liberazione in Italia (INSMLI) Institute for the History of the National Liberation Movement in Italy. Italian, English
Instituto Storico di Modena. Modena Historical Institute: a contemporary history institute focusing on the 20th history. Italian, German, English, Spanish, French
Istituto Piemontese Per la Storia della Resistenza e della societa contemporanea The Piedmont Institute for the History of the Resistance and Contemporary Society. Italian
Istituto per la storia della Resistenza e della società contemporanea nelle province di Biella e Vercelli Institute for the History of the Resistance and Contemporary Society in the Provinces of Biella and Vercelli (northwestern Italy). Italian
Fondazione Memoria della Deportazione, ANED (Associazione nazionale ex deportati politici nei campi nazisti) Foundation for the Memory of the Deportation, Archives and Association of Former Political Deportees to the Nazi Camps. Italian, some information in English
Resistenza italiana – il portale della guerra di liberazione Italian resistance portal site. Italian.
Museo Audiovisivo della Resistenza Site with testimonials of Italian resistants and deportees. Italian
Olokaustos Site of an Italian association on the remembrance of the Holocaust. Italian


Latvijas Okupācijas muzejs Museum of the Latvian Occupation in Riga. Latvian, English


Lietuvos gyventojų genocido ir rezistencijos tyrimo centras Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Centre. Lithuanian, English, German, Russian
Tarptautinė Komisija Nacių ir Sovietinio Okupacinių Režimų Nusikaltimams Lietuvoje Įvertinti Site of the International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupations in Lithuania. Lithuanian, English
Valstybinis Vilniaus Gaono žydų muziejus The Vilnius Jewish Museum. Lithuanian, English
Directory of Resistance and Deportation museums in Lithuania Lithuanian, German, English, French


Luxembourg National Resistance Museum Esch sur Alzette museum information page with a portal for Luxembourg museums. English, German, French


Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum Site of the Norwegian Resistance Museum. Norwegian, German, English
Forsvarsmuseet Site of the Museum of the Norwegian Army, several rooms on the history of the Second World War. Norwegian, some information in English.
Grini Pages devoted to the history of the Grini camp on the site of the Second World War Museum-Memorial in Lofoten. Norwegian, English
Falstad Site of the Falstad internment camp memorial. Norwegian, some information in German and English.
Arquebus krigshistorisk museum Some pages on the Norwegian Military History Museum. Norwegian, some useful information in English.


Centrum Badań nad Zagładą Żydów Site of the Polish Holocaust Research Centre, created in 2003. Polish, English
Internetowa Baza Danych O Warszawskim Getcie Site affiliated with the Polish Holocaust Research Centre giving access to the Warsaw Ghetto history database. Polish, English
Instytut Pamięci Narodowej Site of the Institute of National Memory in charge of pursuing crimes against the Polish Nation and the archives and documents office. Polish, German, English, French, Russian, Ukrainian
Litzmannstadt Ghetto Site created on the 60th anniversary of the liquidation of the Lodz Ghetto. Includes the history of the Jewish community, photographs and information on commemorative ceremonies. Polish, English
Foundation Monumentum Iudaicum Lodzense Polish foundation dedicated to preserving Jewish cultural heritage in Lodz. Polish, German, English
Zydowski Instytut Historyczny The site of the Jewish History Institute, devoted to the history and culture of Polish Jews. Polish, German, English


Музей-панорама "Сталинградская битва" Site of the Battle of Stalingrad Museum. Russian, German, English.
Site of the Battle of Moscow Site devoted to military history, the Battle of Moscow, Soviet partisans and local places of remembrance. Russian
музея "Молодая гвардия" Site of the de Krasnodonskogo resistance museum about the movement of the "Young Guards" (Molodaya Gvardiya). Russian


Ústav pamäti národa Site of the Institute of Remembrance of the Slovak Nation. Slovak, English
Múzeum Slovenského národného povstania Site of the Museum of the Slovak National Insurrection. Built in Banská Bystrica in 1969 and renovated in 2004, with the flame of the Unknown Soldier and the museum archives. Slovak, English.


Fundación Museo de la Paz de Gernika Site of the Guernica Peace Museum Foundation, focusing on the history of Guernica and on the promotion of peace and culture. Spanish, English, French


Forum för levande historia Official site of the Foundation for Living History, which promotes democracy, human rights and tolerance. Swedish, English summary

The Netherlands

The Anne Frank Guide Site intended for students and schoolchildren wanting to learn about Anne Frank’s life and writings. Dutch, German, English, Italian, French, Czech
Anne Frank House Site on Anne Frank’s life, the museum and the Anne Frank House’s documentation and research activities. Dutch, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian
Amersfoort Site of the Amersfoort SS internment and transit camp. Dutch, English, Russian
Kamparchieven Site that provides access to the archives of camps in the Netherlands: Amersfoort, Vught and Westerbork. Also includes a page of links. Dutch.
Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie (NIOD) Site of the Dutch Institute for Information and Research on the Second World War. The NIOD has the archives of the Nazi Occupation. Dutch, English
Nationaal Oorlogs- en Verzetsmuseum Site of the National War and Resistance Museum. Dutch, German, English
Verzetsmuseum Site of the War and Resistance Museum, Amsterdam. Dutch, some useful information in English Access portal to Second World War memorials and museums in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Normandy (France). Dutch, English

The United Kingdom

Imperial War Museum (IWM) Portal of the Museum of Contemporary Conflicts, access to the Museum of London, Churchill’s archives, Cabinet War Rooms and de IWM archives. English
Holocaust Memorial Day and Channel Islands Occupation Memorial Educational resources, photo archives and testimonials. English
BBC History - World War Two BBC site focusing on the history of the Second World War with many online documents (audio, video, maps, timelines, etc.). English
Public Record Office Site of the British national archives. Online catalogue. English
Churchill Archives Site of Churchill College at Cambridge University. Online catalogue of Winston Churchill’s private archives. English
Commonwealth War Graves Commission Site of Commonwealth military cemeteries, with online consultation of the database of First and Second World War dead. English
The Women of the Special Operations Executive English site about the women of the SOE
Polish Underground Movement (1939-1945) Study Trust Site of the Polish Underground Movement Research Institute based in London and federated with the Sikorski Museum. English, German, French, Polish


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Site presenting the museum, remembrance activities, research. Access to archive catalogues and the mulimedia encyclopedia of the Shoah. English