National resistance and deportation competition

National resistance and deportation competition(CNRD)

The organisation of the competition on the theme of memory intended for students.

The main competition in the area of memory is the national Resistance and Deportation competition (CNRD) to which the ministry of defence contributes every year along with the ministry of national education, des memory foundations (Resistance foundation, foundation for the memory of the Deportation, Free France foundation) and the ONAC (National Veterans and War Victims Office).

Historical brief

The national education ministry has held the CNRD in secondary schools every year since 1961. A Resistance association – the National Confederation of Volunteer Resistance Fighters (CNCVR) – started the competition in 1958. The National Federation of Resistance Deportees and Internees (FNDIRP) and the Network of Remembrance joined them in 1960. The competition’s purpose is to raise young people’s awareness of the sacrifices made to re-establish republican legality.

The partnership between the veterans’ affairs and national education began to grow in 1982. The ministry of defence joined them in 2001. Participation in the competition provides students with an opportunity to meet resistance members and deportees face to face, establishing a tangible link between generations. It also prompts middle and high school students to question themselves about the values of the republic and democracy and to measure their relevance and modernity

Since 2000

Each year, the defence ministry actively supports the organisation of the competition with substantial funding and involvement in strengthening the its attraction with young students.

Support takes several forms:

  • ONAC subsidy for the awarding of the departmental prizes;
  • subsidies to the three memory foundations that prepare the educational dossier;
  • supplying candidates, on request, with all the information they might need: documentary references, addresses of veterans’ associations, mailing of brochures or booklets, etc.;
  • participation in funding and organising the national awards ceremony.

Choice of the annual theme

The general theme and date of the examinations are stated in a public service note published in the official national education bulletin early in the school year.
Rules of the national Resistance and Deportation competition

The departmental juries determine the topics based on the theme chosen by the national jury.

The theme chosen by the national jury for 2006-2007 isWork in the World of Nazi Concentration Camps. It is supported by the foundation of the memory of the Deportation.

Previous years’ CNRD themes
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