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Facilitating the transmission of knowledge about the European Resistance movements and deportation, in particular political deportation, is the core mission of the European Centre of Deported Resistance Members.

The teaching mission of the CERD

Every year over 100,000 schoolchildren visit the CERD at the Struthof site, which has an important mission to transmit history, of course, but also to arouse in each young visitor the awareness of his or her own role as a citizen in to preserve memory and remain vigilant in the face of extremist and racist threats, which are still current, and the transmission of fundamental values: liberty, equality, fraternity.

Through its films, exhibitions and activities, the European Centre provides the keys to help interpret and explore Europe's committment against Nazism, to better understand the concentration camp system and to stimulate reflections and questions before the visit of the historic site and camp museum.

The visitor's guide

Visitors to the European Centre and historic site are free to tour them on their own under the leadership of of accompanying teachers. The CERD sells a visitor's guide for €2 that sheds light on the museum and the former camp's remains.

The classrooms

Two classooms are available for booking (except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when they are used for educational workshops). The maximum capacity is 30 students.

The education offer

The education department makes teaching tools available available for teachers geared towards each type of public, primary school classes (cycle 3), middle and high schools : workshops kits and guided tours.

Tools available on the internet site

The internet site, a reference site about the Natzweiler concentration camp, extends the the educational service and offers online toolsto plan a visit, raise young people's awareness and spread a message of vigilance.

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