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Educational workshops


The educational workshops take place in rooms and spaces of the European Centre to exchange ideas and think together.

They take place before or after the self-guided visit on Tuesdays and Thursdays and last approximately two hours. These working sessions are intended for groups of 30 students maximum. Booking is required at least one month before the date of the visit.

Proposed topics:
Several workshops are offered to school groups depending on their level and the teacher’s educational goal. You can download the detailed programme for 2007 ici.

Daily life at KL-Natzweiler

3rd :
Understanding the images
Work in the Nazi concentration camps

Listening to witnesses, being the witness
Women in the Resistance and Deportation
Citizenship, yesterday and today

Understanding the words

Guided tours:

You can also book a guided tour of this historic site. Intended for school groups, by reservation only, the guided tours take place on Wednesdays and last approximately one hour and 30 minutes.

Please note that all the educational workshops are in French. There are no workshops or guided tours during French school holidays zone B Ministry of National Education Internet site for dates.

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