When was the monument overlooking the site erected? What does it represent?

The National Committee for the Erection of the Deportation Memorial was formed on 13 October 1953. A decree of 5 December 1954 authorised the opening of a national fund-raising drive. The money raised made it possible to erect an imposing monument designed by Bertrand Monnet, the chief architect of historic landmarks. Work lasted from May 1957 to August 1958. Then sculptor Lucien Fenaux, Grand Prize of Rome, worked on it until July 1959. President Charles de Gaulle inaugurated the 40-meter-tall memorial on 23 July 1960. Visible from the valley, it shows a flame and the emaciated silhouette of a deportee. The Memorial, which is dedicated “ to the martyrs and heroes of the deportation ”, houses the body of an unknown deportee symbolising all the victims of the deportation.