I have photos or archives about this period. Who should I give them to?

If you have any documents about Struthof, the European Centre can advise you on the best way to preserve them.

You can also consult the guide for people who own Resistance and Deportation archives. The Resistance Foundation, Foundation for the Memory of the Deportation, Ministry of Defence (Memory, Heritage and Archives department) and Ministry of Culture (Archives of France department) have jointly written this useful guide for your attention, whether you are:

  • the owner of personal archives about the Resistance or the Deportation because of your own past activities or following the death of a loved one,
  • liquidator of a Resistance movement or network or officer in a Resistance members’ association or organisation,
  • officer in a deportees’ association,
  • curator at a Resistance and Deportation museum with archives.

The guide will give you the most essential information and recommendations about archives and how to preserve them. The contact details of those in charge of the archives at the two foundations are also included. Feel free to ring or write them. They would be happy to answer all your questions. > downloading space